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The Mouthy Mermaid

MINI Megalodon Tooth Shadow Box Display

MINI Megalodon Tooth Shadow Box Display

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MINI Megalodon Tooth shape Shark Teeth Shadow Box for shark teeth, small shells, fossils, agate chips, crystals, beach glass. The cutest little mini shadow box ever! Perfect for showing off your personal shark tooth collection! These shark shadow boxes are made of 6 different layers... 5 layers of wood and one layer of clear acrylic. The inside is approximately 3/4" thick. There is an opening where you can drop your shark teeth in, so you can add more (or take some out) whenever you wish!

This MINI shark tooth shadow box is approximately 4.5"x3.5" and sits nicely on your desk, table or shelf. Perfect for your summer beach shark tooth adventure memories, this shadow box holds a nice amount of shark teeth without being overly large.

**NEW** Colors available! Choose to have your shark tooth shadow box hand-painted using sea mineral paints made in Florida!


Made and Shipped From Fernandina Beach, Florida!

Please note that these items are made of natural wood, and therefore may have variants in color, texture, surface or engraving quality. There may be differences in the engraving on sections of the same board depending upon the natural wood. These are normal and not imperfections or mistakes on items. Colors may vary due to differences in screen resolution. Please note that while these items are cut from my laser machine, they are hand-painted, hand-assembled and hand-packed.

As with all of our products, all sales are final on these items. However, if you have any problems with a product please contact us as soon as possible, we will do what we can to resolve any issues.
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